About Me:

I am a fiber artist.  I started sewing when I was 9 years old and have been an avid seamstress ever since.  In high school, I made clothes for myself.  As a mom, I’ve sewed countless “spinny” dresses for my daughters who want their dresses to twirl with them.  I sew dress-up clothes and every day clothes.  I’ve also made Waldorf-style dolls, doll clothes and other toys.  I love creating quilts; all the beautifully delicious fabrics inspire me.

I learned to knit at 19.  I have knit sweaters, baby blankets, toys, socks, purses, baskets, and much, much more.  I learned to knit while studying in Denmark and I love Scandinavian style patterns and using several colors together.  Sock knitting is pure addiction and I love hand-painted yarns.  Thus, the entry into making my own yarns.

I love beads.  Such a fabulous rainbow of stones to play with!  Transforming these colorful treasures into necklaces, earrings and even stitch markers for my knitting brings me a sense of joy mingled with peace that I’d like to pass along to you.   

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest since I was a child and have lived on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest for 5 years.  Inspiration for beautiful colors is all around me.  I am fortunate to live in such magical surroundings and am surrounded by a very supportive family.  I have a wonderful husband who’s shared my life with me for 20+ years.  We have 3 intelligent and creative daughters and our family has 1 bunny rabbit, 2 cockatiels, 4 cats and a dog!  Chaos frequently reigns! 

In February 2012, I purchased our local yarn store, Island Wools.  I now sell all my yarns through the store and the store’s website www.islandwools.com.  I do still take custom orders.   Email julie at islandwools.com (or julie at whimsicalcolors.com) for more information!

For more information about my yarns, please contact me through email:

julie at whimsicalcolors.com

Yarns are available through my yarn store, Island Wools.  www.islandwools.com

I also write about knitting and yarn and post free patterns (along with other miscellaneous topics) on my blog:


Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Julie Packard